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Our Story

It all started in a farm in Northern Estonia, Europe, where it was once discovered that wolves are attacking sheep, systematically. We tried many different ways to scare wild beasts off but they kept coming back. It didn’t help either, that it

 was summer time, so wolf puppies had grown big enough for their hunting lessons. Unfortunately our flock of sheep seemed to be perfect for practising. No need to mention that the view of the grassfield in the mornings was indescribably horrible. There is a sort of governmental aid provided in Estonia for these kind of cases, but it’s nearly not enough for getting new flock. Plus the neverending bureaucracy, of course.

So we had to come up with something else, something that really works. We started looking for different, more effective ways to scare wolves. One opportunity that caught our attention was the gas cannon. We quickly found out that no one was selling one in Estonia and through different contacts we ended up in Lithuania, where we got the first exemplar of a gas cannon.

Unfortunately the bang from the cannon was too loud, so sheep were under constant stress and obviously disturbed by the gas cannon. So loud banging needed to be stopped and the cannon had to be sold. Surprisingly the demand for pest repellents got so big, that we found ourselves in a situation where we were ordering gas cannons for tens of others. That led to only one conclusion – Nirgu e-store (the Estonian version of Birdbusters.eu) was born.

As an addition, people started to ask for advice and turned to us with various very interesting problems. For example, there was a guy who complained that birds seem to be polluting only his car. No matter where he parked, birds came to relieve themselves on his car. Then it turned out that it’s not rare that storks seem to try to scare people through windows or glassdoors – actually they are scaring off the “other stork” they see from the reflection. Nowadays problems with migratory birds is a daily worry and also there’s a lot of dealing with seagulls and pigeons on roofs. The latest “trend” are woodpeckers who seem to want to demolish houses – they choose a wooden wall or windglass and start making holes.

Our Mission


By today we have more than a 1000 happy customers.

There’s more than 50 repellents in our selection and the number is constantly growing in order to provide the most effective ways for repelling birds and keeping off animals.

We aim to constantly seek for new innovative and effective pest repelling ways.

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