blackbird360 Bird Gard Pro

Bird Gard for SMALL Birds such as Thrushes, Blackbirds, etc.

Bird scarer Bird Gard is designed for fields, gardens, and also sheds where thrushes can do a lot of damage. The device makes a specific bird’s alarm call that frightens birds.
Operation of the device can be configured in different ways. Operating range without additional speakers is up to 0.6 hectares. Possible to order an additional speaker.

English manual

In addition, this device can be specifically ordered for a certain species of bird, for example: pigeons, gulls, starlings and blackbirds, magpies, swallows, sparrows, crows and woodpeckers.

Also watch the video.

See what sound Bird Gard makes

Effectively banishes:
Pigeons – chip # 35
Gulls – chip # 20
Starlings and common blackbirds- chip # 61

Magpies – chip # 66
Swallows – chip # 73
Sparrows – chip # 62
Crows and ravens- chip # 49
Woodpeckers – chip # 11R
Small birds in general – such as starlings, sparrows, crows, jackdaws, magpies – chip # 22

When ordering, please send a separate email detailing which card you want to buy the unit with.

Bird Gard Super Pro is safe, humane, and environmentally friendly.



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