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Bird Propane Cannon Electronic

Zon EL08 Electronic gas Cannon  – the most effective electronically adjustable bird deterrent. It is a weather resistant mechanical gun and it’s volume can be compared to the sound of a rifle shot. Most effective pest repeller against migration birds, seagulls, pigeons, wild hogs, wolves.

Digitally configurable gas gun Zon EL08 Mark gives the opportunity to shoot up to four bangs in a row, and additionally, you can choose between different intervals, and select 4 different time periods that the gun works at out of a 24 h period. For example, it is possible to set up the gun in a way that it starts work at 6:05 in the morning and ends at 9:00.
After that, the gun runs for a few hours at midday and then during the evening as needed. Because you can shoot up to four bangs in a row, it is most effective as an intimidation against migratory birds.
For operating the gas gun requires a 12V battery and a propane or butane cylinder. These are not included in the set.
A conventional car battery and a household gas cylinder may be used.

In addition, we recommend to buy the 360 degrees rotating tripod, which increases the working range due to its height and the rotating axis. After each bang that the cannon makes, the blast will cause the gun to change its direction.

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