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5 main mistakes that people do when buying a bird deterrent

Specify bird

The first major mistake that is usually made is that people don’t know which birds they specifically want to deter. Except for the propane cannon, most bird deterrents are meant for special birds or bird GROUPS. For example, if you want to get rid of crows, scare owl are unlikely going to be effective, as the owl is not the crow’s enemy in the wild. For crows, either a special bird guard producing sounds or a scarer in shape of a dead crow, will be more effective. And the laser bird scarer, for example, works mostly for migratory birds, pigeons and swallows.

Be proactive

Secondly, deterrents are useless when birds are already used to visiting some spots in the garden. Perhaps they have already tried your strawberries or cherries and know that there’s enough food for them. In order to prevent this, deterrents should be set up earlier, so that birds don’t even dare to come close.

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Hawk Bird Scarer

How to effectively keep migratory birds away from fields and how to choose an effective bird deterrent?

No one knows what kind of big problems migratory birds really cause to farmers in spring and autumn. In addition, one cannot hope the government will compensate for all losses. What to do then? Ornithologists do not consider it right that birds are hunted during migration, and therefore any hunting is ruled out. What are the most effective means to scare birds off and why to use them?

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How to repel birds away from gardens?

Birds are cute and beautiful to look at, but sometimes they can be quite annoying. Especially if you discover in the morning that someone with it’s long peak has eaten half of the crop after you have sweated excessively when making the strawberry beds.

And it happens constantly. Fortunately, there are some pretty good ways to keep birds away from your garden.

Here are some examples:

The most popular and effective device is the bird scarer kite. For example, the bird kite on the picture is dancing from a 7-metre-long rod, attached to a special pole standing upright in the ground. The kite mimics a flying crow and effectively keeps small birds away. The rod should be placed at the right angle so that even in a very light wind the kite can move above the garden beds and do its job effectively.

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Get rid of seagull

9 Ways of Getting Rid of Seagulls

Gulls can spread diseases and put our security at risk. Here you will find some ways of keeping these birds away.

Gulls are frequent guests at rubbish dumps, on beaches, in parks, and on sidewalks, where they can truly become a nuisance.

Their cries may bring back memories of those long summer days at the beach, but seagulls that flock together can be pretty pesky, even bad for our health.

To keep them at bay, people have come up with deterrents ranging from superpowered squirt guns to sheepdogs, with varying levels of success.

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How to get a Free Bird Scarer?

It might seem strange, but sometimes it is not necessary to buy an expensive bird scarer. Instead there is a lot that you can do yourself. For example, there is a video with recorded sounds on Youtube that keeps both large and small birds away. All you have to do is put a speaker into the garden and your berries will be saved.

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