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Bird Scarer on Pole 9m

Flying hawk bird scarer kite

This is bird scarer on pole which is attached to a 9 meter long rod. Works well with even very low wind speeds. It mainly works for scaring the smaller birds, but it could also be used as seagull scarer.

This full size replica of a hovering hawk is made of tough weatherproof plastic, so it lasts. You can protect your stone & pome fruits, nut, berry or broad acre crops on calm and windy days because you suspend your hawk over or near your crop. No power, wind or poison needed which protects the environment, and it prevents birds from damaging your garden.

Your Hawk Bird Scarer looks real so it scares all birds including  Crows, Corellas, Starlings, Jays, Parrots and Bulbuls.

The kite is not meant for places with very strong winds.


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