Laser Bird Repellent with remote control for indoor and outdoor

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Automated Laser Bird Repellent for scaring swallows, pigeons, sparrows  for buildings, gardens  and fields.


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Automated Laser Bird Repellent for scaring birds – swallows, pigeons, sparrows  etc for buildings, gardens and fields.  

Laser produces constant moving green and red laserlight. The remote control may be used to turn the unit off and on, and also to operate for specified durations (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours).

Total spatial coverage is dependent on environmental surroundings: more visible in the dark than in the light, more visible in a relatively open area than one with many bushes or trees that would block beams, etc.

Range up to 278 m² (3000ft²), effective distance 30m.

Laser Automatic Cycling The  Laser has been pre-programmed to prevent acclimation of the pests to an unchanging stimulus. This consists of a cycle of ON / OFF operation with 5 minutes OFF time for 5 minutes ON. This cycle will be maintained as long as the Laser is in operation

For best results:

  1. Survey the birds and their habits. Gather specific data as to the type and population of birds, flight and time patterns, entries and exits, and nesting, feeding and roosting habits.
  2. Inspect your property. Discover what the birds find attractive about your area, and if the same conditions prevail in neighboring properties.
  3. Remove all inducements. Before installing the Bird-X Laser, make sure to clean the area of all evidence of birds: nests, fledglings, droppings, dead birds, and the residual scent. (Adult birds are likely to return to their young in order to protect them or to assist them in leaving the area.) Remove food spillage, garbage, nesting material and other items that may be appealing to birds.
  4. Maintain a clean and changing environment. For maximum effectiveness, periodically clean the area of nests and droppings, relocate or reposition the Bird-X Laser, vary the output, or turn off the unit for a short time.
  5. Install early. It is always best to install the Bird-X Laser before ‘bird season’ begins, as it is easier to keep the birds away than to rout them out once they have already established a living pattern.
  6. Use products synergistically. Two or more different kinds of devices (the Laser plus a sound repeller and/or a physical barrier like spikes needle strips) will produce a synergistic effect.
  7. Consider alternate locations. Make educated guesses as to where the birds will go when they are repelled from their current infestation area. It may be very easy for birds to relocate to the other side of a warehouse, or to an adjacent loading dock. Units should be purchased to cover these alternate areas as well.

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