Solar Ultrasonic Animal and Bird Repeller

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Elevate your garden defense with the proven effectiveness of the Garden Guard 376 against rabbits, roe deer, and other unwanted intruders.

High tech motion sensor ultrasonic bird repeller to keep unwanted pests away from gardens and patios. The device is small and discreet.

Dimensions (L, W, H): 11 x 112 x 6,5 cm (with ground stake: 11 x 31 x 6.5 cm)


Deter unwanted animals, including persistent rabbits and roe deer, from infiltrating your garden with our cutting-edge Animal Repeller. Harnessing ultrasound technology that resonates with animals while remaining virtually imperceptible to humans, this device is a powerful deterrent. The repeller produces ultrasonic sound vibrations that birds can feel, making them uncomfortable. The sound vibrations don’t hurt the birds; they just send them off in search of a new habitat.

Activate the ultrasound with the motion sensor, which covers a range of approximately 10 meters, making it an ideal solution for keeping intrusive dogs and cats, as well as determined rabbits and roe deer, at a distance.
The Garden Guard 376 not only boasts exceptional efficacy but is also environmentally friendly, featuring a solar panel for battery recharge. Operating the device is a breeze, thanks to user-friendly rotary knobs that enable easy adjustment of motion sensor sensitivity and light flashing frequency.

Useful in: gardens, balconies, terraces, ponds, docks in marinas, sports fields, and golf courses.

Effective against: rabbits, dogs, cats, roe deers, foxes, wild boars, and (bigger) birds

Sensor sensitivity:

OFF: not sending out ultrasonic waves and LED is off.

L: 15 kHz -24 kHz, for repelling big-sized animals.

M: 25 kHz -50 kHz, for repelling medium-sized animals.

H: 30 kHz – 60 kHz, for repelling small-sized animals.

L+,M+,H+: extra strobe of flashing LED will be turned on to repel animals that are afraid of strong flashing lights.

In situations where the unit is shaded and battery levels are low, a simple solution is at hand. Turn off the device, expose it to sunlight, and recharge the batteries using the included USB cable and a standard USB charger. Additionally, you have the option to recharge the batteries externally or replace them with other rechargeable AA batteries, ensuring uninterrupted protection for your garden.