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Seagull Deterrent for Roofs

Seagulls and other marine birds can greatly damage boats, yachts, ships, antennas, reelings and other object by or on the water. Bird droppings are very hard to clean and of corrosive nature.

This seagull scarer is a warning attribute, that is repelling seabirds without hurting them nor the environment.

WHERE: Pontoons, pools, lines, roofs, boats, ships, yachts, solar panels, gardens, antennas etc

HOW: Seagull bird deterrent is being circled by the force of wind. As the seagull scarer is very lightweight, it’s easy to protect your boat and lines with even light wind.

INSTALLING: Scarer  is easy to install to almost everywhere. The  seagull deterrent holds up to strong winds and is very lightweight.

INFORMATION: Diameter 2m.

Tube fitting is not included. Please order it here.

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