5 meter eagle kite

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Gulls and pigeons can be a great nuisance in urban areas. Their nests and food waste can clog rain gutters, birds protecting their babies can become dangerous to people and contamination damages the health and property of humans.

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This is an eagle-shaped kite that keeps both small and large birds away. The eagle kite is made of thicker material and all its edges are hemmed to withstand strong winds. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for protecting roofs from pigeons, gulls and crows.

Areas of protection: roofs, squares, landfills, parks, gardens, orchards, plantations

How it works: an eagle-shaped bird repellent on top of a strong five meter long telescopic rod moves in the wind, imitating an eagle circling above its prey.

Keep in mind that you should check the kite every once in a while and make sure that it does not wrap itself around the rod. To prevent the rod from running loose, each link must be pulled apart and the links turned in opposite directions to fixate it.

The set includes a pole, a telescopic rod and a kite with a string. A tape, strap or clip is required to attach the kite to a roof structure.

The kite bird repellent manual

NB! It is advisable to take off the product before strong storms because it might give in and get damaged.