AgriPro 3Ha Audio Bird Scarer

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Bird repeller emits distress calls and predator calls to create a stressful environment for any pest bird.



Acoustic bird repeller solution for crop protection.

It is efficient on many species such as:

  • crows, jackdaws and ravens,
  • wood pigeons,
  • starlings,
  • seagulls …

It can be used in many areas :

  • agricultural fields,
  • barns and stables,
  • town centers,
  • private buildings or
  • commercial areas.

Efficiently protects up to 7,5 acres (3 hectares)

With a 20-minutes break between each acoustic emission

More than 150 scaring signals to efficiently repel pest birds organised in 7 families of sounds
Features a rechargeable battery with 3-weeks autonomy
Integrated programmer (Emitted signals, transmission interval, start and stop time, volume, …)


  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-install
  • Water-resistant casing and integrated folding stand
  • Environment-friendly:

o   Noise disturbance controlled

o   Harmless for users and animals

  • Usable in all weather conditions

Key features:

  • Efficiently protects up to 7,5 acres (3 hectares)
  • Battery capacity: 3 weeks*
  • Fully programmable:

o   Emits the signals of your choice

o   Choice of transmission interval

o   Program start and stop time

o   Adjustable volume

*Battery autonomy for typical use (1 signal emitted every 20 minutes, 14 hours a day)

The  bird repeller  includes:

  • An IP55 electronic unit with:

o   A rechargeable 12V 7.2AH battery

o   An electronic module with a screen and a rotary knob

o   A memory card featuring more than 50 repellent acoustic signals

  • A horn speaker to diffuse repellent sounds
  • A removable and folding stand
  • A compatible battery charger
  • An assembly and operating guide

Please note that none of the charging options is waterproof.

If you wish to leave your device connected to the mains when outdoors, it must be connected to its power supply by a 5 metre or 10 metre waterproof cable (we order separately) or choose an optional 10 W Solar Module.

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions (LxWxH): 58x58x66 cm

Weight: 8.5 kg

Battery charger: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Sound pressure: 120 dBA @ 1m