AgriPro 4Ha Audio Bird Scarer

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Bird repellent Agro Pro 4Ha transmits the distress signals of birds and sounds of birds of prey, this creates an unpleasant environment for the pest. It is effective in repelling many species, such as crows, pigeons, starlings, gulls, etc.

Repellent designed for use in agriculture, intended primarily for outdoor use. Works on both battery (3 weeks) and current through a 220V line.

The upgraded equipment is available.

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Bird repellent Agro Pro can be used in many locations: fields, barns, stables, city centres, small houses, and industrial areas.

The device is ideal for repelling birds both indoors and outdoors.

Provides effective protection for up to 4 hectares. Battery life up to 3 weeks. Fully programmable. 20-minute break between each acoustic interval. More than 150 different repelling signals and sounds recorded, these sounds are placed in 7 different groups. Includes a charger. Contains a battery.


Easy to use and easy to install

Waterproof housing and integrated collapsible base

Can be used in all weather conditions

Key features:

Provides effective protection for up to 4 hectares

Battery capacity: 3 weeks*

Fully programmable:

o Outputs the signals you have selected

o Choice of the transmission interval

o Start and stop time for the program selected

o Adjustable volume of the acoustic transmission

* 20-minute break between each acoustic transmission

Bird repellent Avitrac®18S includes:

Two speakers for diffusing sound

Removable metal folding base

IP55 electronic device including:

o Rechargeable 12 V 7.2 AH battery

o Electronic module with screen and rotary knob

o Memory card with repellent acoustic signals

Assembly and operating guide

The device comes with a battery charger (100–240 VAC 50/60Hz) **.

The charger is not waterproof.