Bird Scare Spider 1.8 M

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Do seagulls pollute a boat or car roof? The solution is Bird Scare Spider (Long Legs).

Thin, stainless steel rods rotate in the breeze and wave menacingly, interfering with birds as they attempt to land. It can be permanently anchored or attached to a sandbag base for easy removal.

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If a bird spikes are effective in repelling birds from narrow surfaces such as edges of balconies and roof ridges, the Bird Spider can provide protection for larger flat surfaces. The diameter of a Bird Spider is 1.80m (6ft), in the case of a larger area the bird spiders can be placed side by side.

How it works: the movement of wires disturbs the birds and prevents them from landing.

Installation: can be attached with the use of 3 screws or silicone glue.

Additional information: For temporary attachment to a sailboat boom, sandbag or other object, order a boat base.

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