Super Plus BG Sound Bird Scarer

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With its bioacoustic sounds and flashing lights, the Super Pluss BG Bird Repellent is an effective and environmentally friendly way to scare away most birds and wild animals from a protected area.



The SUPER PLUS BG BIRD REPELLENT has two powerful scare techniques – it uses digitally enhanced recordings of birds of prey and the screams of terrified birds, also dogs barking and gunshots. High-intensity LED flashing lights are integrated into the device, which create a frightening visual effect for raptors and other animals that are afraid of light and keep them effectively away from the protected area.

The motion-responsive PIR mode scares away birds and animals when they approach. This way, the area stays frightening for them for longer time periods. To protect a larger area (up to 4500m2), you can select an interval of 5-30 minutes during which the device automatically transmits sounds and flashes of light.

Areas of protection:

Farms, lawns, gardens, yards, swimming pools, orchards, vineyards, stables, fishponds, yachts, campsites, factories, warehouses, any other properties

Birds and wild animals that it repels:

  • Woodpeckers, sparrows, pigeons, blackbirds, crows, starlings, other bird species;
  • Pest animals such as hares, squirrels, deer, boars, bears, monkeys, etc.…

FUNCTIONS – For effective repelling of pests, animals and invaders with bioacoustic sounds and high-intensity LED flashing lights when the motion sensor detects their movement in PIR mode or AUTO mode of the device for a predetermined period of 5-30 minutes.

NO LOCATION RESTRICTION – 6 x D batteries (LR20) allow the device to be installed in exactly the right place for you and it is easy to relocate.

HUMANE – SUPER PLUS BIRD REPELLENT acts as an invisible barrier, combining the bioacoustics of birds of prey and super bright flashes of light to create an unpleasant area for birds and wild animals. No more bird or animal problems and messiness!

DUAL POWER OPTIONS – SUPER PLUS BIRD REPELLENT works with 6 D-size batteries or an AC adapter. Six D-size batteries can start the device thousands of times in PIR mode. The built-in 9 V DC input allows the device to be connected to the power grid. The adapter is an optional equipment.

FLEXIBLE AND EASY SETUP – Built-in control panel with adjustment buttons for various settings.


  • Dimensions: 145x145x340 mm
  • Weight: 860 g (without batteries)
  • Power supply: 6 D size alkaline battery (LR20). Batteries not included.
  • Power supply (optional adapter) 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Output: 9 VDC (plug)
  • Sound: bioacoustic sounds of birds, the sounds of birds of prey and the screaming of terrified birds, dogs parking and gun shots
  • Flashing lights: 3 high-intensity LEDs
  • Effective range: up to 4500m2 (when the volume is turned to the maximum)
  • PIR MODE: fan-shaped area of 130 degrees, distance up to 12 meters

Made in TAIWAN