Animal repellents

Animal Repellents: 5 Devices to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden

Winter is a difficult time for wild animals, because food is scarce and temperatures are low. The colder the weather gets and the more snow there is, the more difficult life becomes for rabbits, deer and elks. Therefore, they start looking for new sources of food to fill their stomachs, and when they get to the garden, they discover that the fine branches and bark of young fruit trees are absolutely delicious. They also do not turn down other trees, shrubs and plants that can be found in the gardens.

Although hungry animals are a pity, no gardener is willing to sacrifice his fruit trees to feed them. If you value your orchard, it is wise to keep wildlife out of the garden. Fortunately there are a number of effective animal repellents that help to keep your trees safe.

Bird and animal repellents with motion sensor

The element of surprise is important when scaring away birds and animals, which is why devices that suddenly startle uninvited guests with light or sound are quite dependable. Wild animals heading to new hunting grounds are extremely alert to any signs of danger. Thanks to this, deterrents with motion sensors are very effective in repelling deer in search of food.

The motion sensor detects intruders from a distance of 6-10 meters, depending on the device, after which flashing lights and an audio or ultrasonic signal is triggered. The range of sounds includes, for example, gunshots and dog barking, which successfully scare away wild animals.

Ultrasonic bird deterrent with motion sensor

Electronic Scarecrow

Bird and animal deterrents with motion sensors are perfect for smaller areas, but insufficient for larger gardens. When it comes to large territories, an electronic scarecrow with an operating range of 1-2 ha is a good alternative for deterring animals.

The electronic scarecrow is an inflatable, man-sized doll with 2 operating cycles: passive and active. In the active cycle, the scarecrow is inflated that makes it suddenly rise from the ground. The movement in itself is already frightening for animals, but the sudden action is also accompanied by a loud alarm, which amplifies the effect. The bright colour makes sure that the scarecrow will not remain unnoticed by any creatures.

Scare Man

Gas Cannon

Gas cannons are the most powerful deterrents for birds and animals, and work in addition to deer and rabbits, also on wild boars, wolves and even bears. The sound and volume of a cannon shot can be compared to that of a shotgun, and it is sure to scare away all wild animals and birds.

The weatherproof gas cannon fires up to four shots in a row. If the device is mounted on a 360-degree rotating tripod, it changes direction after each shot, thus maximising the working radius.

Electronic Propane Bird Cannon

Animal decoys

A wolf or a fox decoy in the garden also helps to keep deer and rabbits away. In addition to scaring off wild animals, the true-to-life three-dimensional figure also serves as a nice decoration.

In case of animal decoys, it is important to bear in mind that a wolf or a fox standing in the same place loses its novelty over a certain period of time. The wild animals tend to get used to its presence and no longer consider it as a threat. To avoid this from happening, it is recommendable to move the decoy every few days.

Wolf Decoy for Bird Control

Flashing Light

Flashing light is a simple and affordable, yet effective device for deterring all kinds of wildlife. The small light in the garden works automatically: it turns on when it gets dark and stops working in the daylight. When turned on, the lamp flashes light every few seconds.

The lamp is equipped with a solar panel to charge the batteries.

For best results, it is advisable to place the device at the eye level of wild animals and where it is easily visible. To avoid habituation, the location of the lamp should be changed from time to time.

Anti Bird Flashing Light

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