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Bird Gard Super Pro Bird Repellent

Bird repellent that scares birds by sending out a variety of bird calls and distress sounds that have been recorded from the nature.

Protects up to 2.4 hectares (24,000m2). Includes four (4) built-in amplifiers and four (4) external speakers (each with a 30 m cable). The electronics unit is mounted in a weather-resistant control unit and works in any kind of weather. The device has a chip that is designed for repelling a certain bird species.
A variety of extra chips can also be purchased (EUR 50/piece), and they are very easy to change. The power adapter is 1.5 m long and the set also has 12V battery clamp cables. The device can be differently programmed. For example, you can choose different combinations of sounds that are generated, and it is possible to choose the day or the 24-hour mode. For example, it is possible to set the device to make a random sound during a random time period from a randomly selected speaker. Randomness is precisely what many birds are afraid of.

Effectively banishes:
Pigeons – chip # 35
Gulls – chip # 20
Starlings and common blackbirds- chip # 61

Magpies – chip # 66
Swallows – chip # 73
Sparrows – chip # 62
Crows and ravens- chip # 49
Woodpeckers – chip # 11R
Small birds in general – such as starlings, sparrows, crows, jackdaws, magpies – chip # 22

When ordering, please send a separate email detailing which card you want to buy the unit with.

Bird Gard Super Pro is safe, humane, and environmentally friendly.

Device details:
The unit has four built-in amplifiers and four external speakers (each with a 30 meter long cable)

Battery cables with clamps (battery not included)

Power adapter with a 1.5 m long cable

Clip for attachment Chosen bird sound chip

Weatherproof housing and a light sensor

Frequency range: 2,000 – 10,000 Hz
Power: 12VDC (1 A)
Power adapter: 220VAC
Volume: 105-110dB measured at a distance of 1 meter

Made in the USA.


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