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Stainless Steel Pigeon Control Eco-Friendly Feature Bird Spikes can also help you eliminate rats, mice,  squirrels and other pests or vermin from your home, warehouse.

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Bird Spikes are an excellent low profile bird deterrent system for use on ledges, parapets, signs, beams, chimneys, cutouts, security cameras, lights, etc. The pigeon spikes we offer are a humane bird spike with blunt tips that prevents injuries to both birds and unsuspecting maintenance workers.

Our bird spike bird control product consists of thin, stainless steel rods and a clear U.V. resistant polycarbonate base for long-lasting durability while protecting against target pest birds. The diameter and spacing of the spikes make this bird spike the least conspicuous bird spike on the market.

Advantages of Bird Spike:

Long lasting, humane, nearly invisible bird control product

Extremely strong and versatile bird control bird spike

Bird Spike easily glues or screwes to any substrate

Pigeon Spike is specially treated polycarbonate is highly resistant to U.V. rays

Bird Spikes stainless steel rods are durable and blunt-tipped to prevent injury

Bird spike rods are spaced to avoid entrapping debris

Bird spike base is flexible allowing installation on curved surfaces too

Pigeon spikes one foot sections are rolled for easy carry

Bird Spikes easy to  break into smaller sections


How It Works: Pest birds such as pigeons and gulls like a flat surface to land on and pigeon spikes like our Bird Spike prevent them from landing to gain a foothold. The pigeon spikes flexible base allows it to conform to both flat or arched areas, making it a very effective bird control product

One strip is 0.5 m long, spikes are 10 cm high.

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