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How to repel birds away from gardens?

Birds are cute and beautiful to look at, but sometimes they can be quite annoying. Especially if you discover in the morning that someone with it’s long peak has eaten half of the crop after you have sweated excessively when making the strawberry beds.

And it happens constantly. Fortunately, there are some pretty good ways to keep birds away from your garden.

Here are some examples:

The most popular and effective device is the bird scarer kite. For example, the bird kite on the picture is dancing from a 7-metre-long rod, attached to a special pole standing upright in the ground. The kite mimics a flying crow and effectively keeps small birds away. The rod should be placed at the right angle so that even in a very light wind the kite can move above the garden beds and do its job effectively.

Another good option is to use a bird  deterrent sprinkler that works electronically and charges batteries with solar power. The device is set up at the end of the garden bed, and if any bird should come close enough, it will get a small shower of water. At the same time the bed is being watered as well.

In addition, we recommend using all kinds of artificial wild animals or birds. Keep in mind that they should be repositioned quite often. This way, birds do not get used to them.


Bird scare balls also do their job very well, if they are close enough to one another.

And bird scare tape that you should hang along garden beds or on shrubs and trees is a very simple, but effective method to scare birds off.

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