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How to effectively keep migratory birds away from fields and how to choose an effective bird deterrent?

No one knows what kind of big problems migratory birds really cause to farmers in spring and autumn. In addition, one cannot hope the government will compensate for all losses. What to do then? Ornithologists do not consider it right that birds are hunted during migration, and therefore any hunting is ruled out. What are the most effective means to scare birds off and why to use them?

  1. Based on experiences, the most effective bird deterrents are bird propane cannons that produce loud banging noises as loud as the noises from a shotgun. Gas cannons work with common propane used in households, which is available in every well-provided gas station. Prices for gas cannons range from 400 to 600 euros, depending on how they work. Propane cannons can be put into operation with an automatic timing device, and they may keep the area bird-free within a radius of several kilometres. When buying a gas cannon, it should be made sure that it’s possible to add a tripod to lift the device in case there’s a need to cover larger areas. Besides, it may later be necessary to aim shots in every direction, over the growing crop. Propane bird cannons also serve to deter wild boars. The negative side of gas cannons is that the sounds they make are unpleasantly loud to the human ear as well. So, it would be nice if the neighbours were warned beforehand.

  2. The laser bird scarer light beam is another effective deterrent to scare migratory birds. The effect of the green beam that aims at birds is strong enough so that birds get startled and fly away. Though the site is continuously used by birds, they soon start regarding it as unsafe and escape. While with gas cannons the peace of the surrounding people is disturbed, this is not the case with lasers. The drawbacks of the laser are that it’s ineffective in bright daylight conditions and farmers must be present and aim at problem birds by the edge of the field. The prices for a special bird laser vary between 400 and 900 euros. The price depends on the battery life, but the operation mode is always the same.

  3. The third way to get rid of birds is to use various artificial animals, bird scarer kites and bird repellent balloons. However, it should be noted that since, for example, geese and brand geese don’t have many enemies among other wild birds, such scarers in shape of other birds are relatively useless. At the same time, they are scared birds off by other deterrents dancing in the wind. A rising trend is to use life-size artificial foxes and wolves. The downside with these deterrents is that fake animals should be relocated every two or three days, so birds don’t get used to them. The prices for these artificial animals range from 30 to 100 euros. Of course, one could make some traditional scarecrows, and they also work, but they should also be repositioned every few days.

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