Automatic Bird Laser

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Powerful and effective automatic bird laser is a fully automatic device that repels birds from a long distance with horizontal and vertical laser beams. Particularly effective in areas where the horizontal beam alone is not enough. It is very effective in orchards, vineyards and also for protecting roofs where buildings are of different heights.

Measurements: 46 x 46 x 70

Weight: 22 kg

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The fully automatic bird laser is the most effective laser device when it comes to controlling pest birds. The beams of the laser moves back and forth up to 350 degrees horizontally and up to 60 degrees vertically. Birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching physical danger and flee from the enemy.

The device is particularly useful in agriculture and horticulture against geese, ducks and crows. In orchards it is effective against pigeons, corvids and tits. On apartment buildings it repels seagulls, pigeons and crows. However, if pigeons have already claimed the area as their nesting or feeding site, the laser will not chase them away.

This particular model is designed primarily for outdoor use in low light conditions. It is most effective in cloudy, rainy or foggy weather conditions and in the mornings and evenings when birds are most active. The range under cloudy skies is up to 2 kilometres (1 mile).

In bright sunlight the laser beam is not clearly visible and hence the device is not as effective as in low light conditions.

The laser is completely silent, so it won’t disturb people nearby. It is also weatherproof (IP66) and works in temperatures from -15 to 30℃.

Since the flight reaction is triggered by the bird’s survival instinct and the movement of the laser beams is unpredictable, there is no habituation effect. If the laser is used consistently, birds will start avoiding the area altogether.

The automatic bird laser is very easy to set up. You can set the range by using the push buttons and the device is ready for action in just a few minutes. Works either on 12V battery or can alternatively be powered by a solar panel (even in winter months). Other accessories include a waterproof adapter for plugging the laser into electricity supply.

NB! The automatic bird laser is transported and delivered on a pallet!