Rotating bird scaring laser for indoor and outdoor use

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In order to keep birds away from crop or food warehouses, something that they cannot stand should be used to repel them.. This bird scaring laser is designed to deter pigeons, sparrows, swallows and other birds.

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The laser can be switched on and off directly or by the use of a remote control. The remote control has two functions:

  • switch on and off
  • timer (2, 4, 6 or 8 hours)

Areas of protection: buildings, hangars, gardens, fields

The laser has strong 1000 millimeter (mW) rays in green color. The rays create various patterns that occur in random order. The Bird-X Laser is pre-programmed to prevent pests from adapting to the constant disturbance. It consists of an ON / OFF cycle, a 5 minute laser ray display cycle followed by a 5 minute pause. This cycle is maintained while the Bird-X Laser is working.

To prolong the lifespan of the device, allow the device to cool for 30 minutes after 6-8 hours of operation.

The effective range of the laser depends on the environment: it is more visible in the dark than in the light, more visible in a relatively open area than in a place where there are many shrubs or trees blocking the rays, and so on. The maximum range of this laser ray in the dark is 300 meters, effective distance 100m, the maximum coverage is about 400 m2. The coverage is in the shape of a cake slice, with a maximum spread of 30 degrees from the center to each side (60 degrees in total). The rotary motion of the device enables a laser ray coverage of 120 degrees. Depending on the placement, a second device would offer greater synergistic coverage; therefore, the use of multiple lasers is strongly recommended, especially in a place the birds have frequented for a longer period of time or when the area is exceptionally attractive (food warehouses). The device is moisture-proof and is also suitable for use in dusty environments.